Starting Over

diplomaphotoAfter a year and 10 months, I can say I am done with school (at least for now).  When I began my adventures in formal post-collegiate education it never occurred to me that I would become a blogger – and in fact I didn’t.  Though I maintained a blog, I almost never wrote except in response to a prompt or assignment.  I enjoyed writing for an audience, and I enjoyed the multimedia aspect a blog allows, but with two kids, a full-time job and the demands of my courses, I never actually had the time.  When I  finished with school I pulled off the road for a bit and easily returned to my web 1.0 ways of consumption without production or interaction.  My Valentine’s resolution (takes me a bit longer sometimes) is to pick myself up and rejoin my PLN, returning myself to a producer of content and reconnecting with my colleagues around the world.  I decided that rather than dust off my old blog (, I would think about my current work context focus more on my day-to-day reality.

So here it is. I am a leader interested first in education at a means of maintaining an educated and productive citizenry in a large democracy. I have worked in high schools my whole career, first as a social sciences teacher, and now as an assistant principal.  I began my career in the urban setting of the San Francisco School District, and 3.5 years ago migrated to an affluent suburb where I am living the culture shock of the Savage Inequalities that Jonathan Kozol so aptly described in his 1992 book.

This blog is dedicated to the fact that all students deserve an excellent, high-level education that enables them to be productive global citizens. This is my moral imperative – what gets me up every morning. As I lead for learning and I learn to lead, I will be writing about my journey in a way that will help me reflect and join a larger conversation about schooling of the future.  Strap yourselves in and let’s go for a ride.