A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of working with my friend and colleague, Eric Saibel, to give a workshop to teachers and administrators from Marin County about how to use Twitter.  This made me think about my journey with Twitter, and consider the turning point when I went from skeptic to believer.

I signed up with Twitter early on – back when many of us were completely unsure of how it was going to be used.  I Tweeted a couple of times – things like “I love ice cream” and “My kids are driving me crazy.”  I never could figure it out and abandoned it in favor of other Social Media – mostly Facebook.  When I went back to school, my professor assigned the creation of a Twitter account as a class requirement, although even then I stepped in meekly.  Here are some of my first Tweets:


What turned the corner for me was the ASCD conference that came to my neck of the woods in March, 2011.  That was my first experience with the hashtag that allowed me to follow the whole conference no matter what session I choose, and I experienced the in-session back channel for the first time as well.


Needless to say, I was hooked.

The next exponential growth that occurred was this fall at #edcampmarin, where I met some folks face-to-face, and connected with many others digitally.  Through this extended network I have been able to push my thinking and learning beyond the boundaries of my own small district.  I am now networking with local educators who I am able to actually see face to face once in a while, and whose work is close to home, literally, as well as educators from across the globe.

Click here for a great resource for getting started with Twitter.  And find me here: @kfostertweet  See you in the Twittersphere.


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